Amnesty International Writes Cadrell Advocacy Centre, Nigeria.

The victims of abuse

Dear Evans,

“Five of us went together, all of us were raped; the soldiers took us one by one when we came out of the camp. We decided to fetch water in large groups so nobody touched us. But when we were just few, they raped us.” – 25-old Kale (not her real name) told Amnesty.

Over the past few years, the Nigerian military has carried out intensive operations to re-capture territory that had come under the control of the armed group Boko Haram. They should have rescued hundreds of thousands of people who had been trapped in these areas. But that’s not what happened.

Boko Haram survivors have subsequently been attacked in their villages by the military. Thousands have starved to death in displaced-persons camps. The security forces have separated families, taken many men and boys away, and raped women and girls.

But survivors of these abuses are now fighting back to expose the truth.

A group of displaced women called the Knifar Movement are campaigning for justice. The group have collected nearly 800 names of people from their villages who died from hunger and sickness in displacement. They have reported sexual violence involving the military and civilian militias in the camp.

Nigerian authorities have conducted an investigation into these acts, but they won’t release the report. If we put enough pressure on the authorities, we can expose these crimes and gain justice for thousands of Boko Haram survivors.

Sign the petition now and demand justice for survivors of attacks and abuses by Boko Haram and the Nigerian authorities.

Many thanks
Esther Ikubaje, Campaigner, Amnesty International Nigeria.