Tech-Youth Nigeria is a skill acquisition cum empowerment initiative designed to empower 40 million Nigerian youths with requisite employable skills in the areas of Information and Communication Technology. This programme will train the youths in Software Programming/Development, CCTV Installations and Repairs, Phones and Laptop Repairs, Coding and Networking, Animation, General Computer Studies and Household Electronic Repairs.
At a point when the unemployment rate in Nigeria has reached a scaring level, Tech-Youth has designed a training intervention mechanism geared towards empowering the youths who are the worse hit. At Tech-Youth Nigeria, we have a target to reach 40 Million Nigerian youths between the ages of 18 to 40 across the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja who are ready to undertake our trainings.
As a Nigerian youth, all you need to have is the ability to read and write while our organization will sort out sponsorship and scholarships for you to engage in our training.
In the six-geopolitical zones of the Nigerian State we have a work structure designed to effectively deal with the unemployment and replace it with skill acquisition program that will redirect the focus of the youths through meaningful pursuits.
In clear terms, we shall engage seven million youths from each geographical zone and offer the youths the option of opting for any of the aforementioned program we offer.

Each trainee shall be given a tablet as instructional material where all training materials and books are installed for easy learning.
We are in partnership with the world’s best ICT firms like Google, Siemens, HP and the rest of them, to deliver on our mission. We have equally consulted wide with topnotch corporate organization to provide expertise as we leverage on precedents to accomplish our mission. Given the world’s current trend in technological advancement, comparative advantage in science and technology is a critical need in emerging human capital derivative principles. The new workforce order the world over is ICT driven and this informed our mission in undertaking this project to install the relevant knowledge of Information and Communications Technology in the Nigeria Youths across the federation.
As an emerging economy with prospects and a huge pool of human resources, Nigeria ranks the most populous black nation in the world. Our biggest challenge which is unemployment must be faced head-on, to ride off poverty from our midst and create wealth through social re-engineering and quality empowerment initiatives. This is the true vision of TECH-YOUTH Nigeria.