Cadrell Advocacy Centre Rated, No. 1 Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria.

Cadrell Advocacy Centre on Sunday the 25 day of February 2018 was rated the No 1 NGO in Nigeria in responses to sexual offenses and all forms of violence against women and children.
Cadrell Advocacy Centre was rated No. 1 NGO in Nigeria in the fight against rape and gender based violence in society by Wise Edge International – a Social Right Audit Firm at the Civic Centre in Lagos Nigeria.
The president of the No. 1 NGO in Nigeria – Cadrell Advocacy Centre Mr Evans Ufeli; a lawyer who doubles as the the No. 1 NGO boss in his acceptance speech said his passion transcends the challenges of the Nigerian State. ‘I am a Lawyer of unrestrained passion against rape, sexual molestation, jungle justice, gender violence and the host of others. We must fight offenders to a standstill. I am glad that the Lagos state government now have special courts for offenders and I believe other states will follow this cause.’
Barrister Evans Ufeli, the No. 1 NGO boss in Nigeria ; Cadrell Advocacy Centre thinks we must improve the security situation around women and children in our society. ‘ we now live in a world where being a woman is not exactly safe. Some years back girls were abducted from Chibok in Bornu State Nigeria by insurgents and not all have been rescue till date. Just recently, another attack happened in Dapchi in Yobe State Nigeria. The situation is getting hopeless by the day. We must devolve security for greater effectiveness.’
Cardrell Advocacy Centre, No. 1 NGO in Nigeria has created programmes, develop systems and methods to rescue women and children from social maladies, internal and external conflicts and moral degeneration.