Cadrell Boss Calls for the Rescue of Dapchi Girls

Barr. Evans  Ufeli Esq

In commemoration of the mother’s  day celebration, the President, Cadrell Advocacy Centre Barr. Evans Ufeli Esq calls for the rescue of the just abducted Dapchi Girls . In his words.

‘Today I choose to speak about about the dapchi girls who were abducted by the insurgence under our watch. Under our diminished ineptitude and fallowed defence structure.

Young women whom we lost to the gruesome attack of a reprehensible ideology. I write to reclaim them by faith. That somewhere within the forest of darkness their captors will be wearied and let them loose.

These young women like the Chibok girls, had the spines of their womanhood fated by a fidual alternation that has changed their lives for ever. You see through from your mental eyes how they undress them in the wild and rape them from anywhere. While they scramble for safe they are trap down under the weight of fanatic intercourse far deep into the enclaves of demons.

With tears in their eyes and hope lost never to be reclaimed, we prepared this tragedy around our girls. How loud could they have shouted whilst being smuggled out of the school? Or how fast could they have ran?

You ask yourself.

Those who promised to provide answers to our worries are creating more questions around the tragedy. Ransoms are paid and the girls are never returned.

Today, I wish these young women God’s protection. I’m not unaware of the devious objective of their captors but for a sense, providence has drawn us through faith that these girls will come back alive.’