About Cadrell


Cadrell Advocacy Centre is a non-profit organization in Nigeria which provides legal support for victims of various forms of violence including rape, child molestation, domestic violence, jungle justice among others. Unfortunately, cases of violence like the ones highlighted above have risen in Nigeria in recent years. Few places offer comprehensive support for the numerous victims who end up living with the trauma of their experiences coupled with the lack of justice that is often their plight. At Cardell Advocacy Centre, we have a team of dedicated and excellent lawyers who will work hand-in-hand with the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant authorities to ensure that victims receive the justice they deserve and perpetrators are punished accordingly.


Our hope at Cadrell Advocacy Centre is to contribute to the drastic reduction of violent crimes in our communities. To achieve this, we have developed a strategy to work with the public from all states of the federation on such matters as incident reporting and information gathering. We do not take for granted the role members of a community can play in ridding their community of crimes and identifying the criminals amongst them. As part of our strategy, incentives will be provided to encourage community members and victims to come forward with information about violent crimes being committed against them or in their areas. Furthermore, in keeping with our community-centric principles, we encourage volunteers who would like to work with our committed team and people/organizations who would love to partner with us to toreach out to us during office hours via our helplines. Together, we can work towards eliminating violent crimes in our nation.


Cadrell Advocacy Centre also runs a Child Education Trust Fund (CETF) with the aim of educating the less privileged in the Nigerian society. We believe education is the key to prosperity and refuge in adversity and thus it is our cardinal mandate to use this platform to help as many children as possible finance their education thereby eradicating illiteracy in Nigeria.